Diploma In Human Resource Management


PICOMS City Campus

Programme Status:

Full Accreditation

Programme Code:

MQA/FA 8536


Human Resource Management

Study Mode:


Study Level:



April, September and December


3 years

Medium of Instructions :

English/Bahasa Melayu

Credit Hours:

92 hours

Background of Program  :

Human Resource Management programme is concerned with people management processes, techniques, issues and challenges in organisation. This program encompasses a comprehensive set of functions such as introduction to human resource management, job analysis, recruitment, interviewing, training, designing performance appraisal and managing careers which are necessary in order to develop employees who are motivated, effective, innovative and professional

Program Educational Objectives (PEO)


To produce students that are knowledgeable in the field of basic human resources management.


To expose students with a sounds skill to assist them in making critical and analytical decisions in the managing and coordinating people to achieve strategic business objectives with respect to staff recruitment, selection and development; employee relations management; staff training; job evaluation; change management; and occupational health and safety.


To provide acquaintance with new developments in the field human resources management with the development of leadership skills to implement organizational effectiveness.


Program Learning Objective (PLO)


Demonstrate conceptual understanding and apply human resource management knowledge to support organizational strategy and management processes.


Apply practical skills in human resource practices to support management objectives and the organization’s goals.


Integrate appropriate skills and technologies in developing solutions to business opportunities and challenges and pertain to decision-making strategies for making HR-related decisions in a complex organizational environment.


Demonstrate ethical behavior and enhance professional effectiveness to evaluate the dynamicity of the global business environment from a competitive and economic perspective and their implications on human resource management policies and practices in the international environment


Use communication skills and develop self-leadership strategies to enhance personal effectiveness on HR-related problems at work, and perform effectively as a team member and leader, encouraging and utilizing others’ contributions, and build teams through appropriate selection, development and management.


Use creative, critical and reflective thinking to address organizational opportunities and challenges in human resource management and apply problem solving and decision-making frameworks that propose defensible solutions to organizational opportunities, challenges, change and risk.


To develop structured and principled insights regarding the salient issues of managing people with its contents representing state-of-the-art management and organization research practices and policies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of HR functions.


Gain managerial skills with special emphasis on the development of the behavioural skills necessary to succeed in the public and private sectors, and also be able to pertain to entrepreneurial etiquette and skills professionally and consistently.


Career Prospects             :

Graduates are able to find employment in any private sector, government agencies and multinational organizations as:

  • Trainer
  • Employment Agent
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Human Resource Assistant
  • Human Resource Consultant


Admission Requirements          :

Pass the Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM) with at least 3 credits; or

Pass O-level with B Grade in 3 subjects; or

Pass Unified Examination Certified (UEC) with at least B Grade in 3 Subjects

Pass the certificate (Level 3 of KKM) with at least PNGK of 2.00 in the related field; or

Pass the Malaysian Skills Certificate  (SKM Level 3) in related field and Pass SPM with minimum of 1 accreditation and have participated in reinforcement program (if applicable); or

Other qualifications recognized by the Government of Malaysia


Admission Fee                : RM 200 (Registration fee)


Opportunities For Further Studies :

Graduates are able to pursue further studies in Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Human Resource Management Program under Faculty of Management, Education and Humanities (FPPK) at PICOMS International University College and Bachelor Degree level in Business and Management fields at any public or private higher education institutions